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Daniel Twigg

About Me

Welcome. I am a passionate Developer with a desire to learn and enhance my skills in all areas. I strive to improve productivity and efficiency, always looking for more effective ways of doing things. I aim for perfection in everything I do and have an exceptional eye for detail. I have experience working freelance, within an agency, as well as in the web hosting and automotive industries.


Website Development
Development of bespoke and custom websites to meet any potential business solution.
Responsive Website Design
Development of responsive websites that work on all platforms and all sizes, ranging from small mobile screens to large widescreen monitors.
Web Hosting
Able to provide web hosting services including email services. Ranging from small static website hosting to large e-commerce hosting.
Digital Marketing
Skilled in the various areas of digital marketing including SEO and PPC, email marketing and social media marketing.
IT Consultancy
I help clients with their IT needs, including PC setup and maintenance, email client setup and more.
I provide mentoring and study sessions for people wanting to learn more in this industry.